Monday, August 31, 2009

New life..

Remember that vintage cloth nursery rhyme book I got last weekend at Camberwell.
No? Well you can see it here...

I stitched them into little quilt blocks and made cushions out of them. I think they are really sweet! Now I need to find some more, lol. Just another thing to keep on my magpie list!

The cushions and the new dolls and lots of other new goodies will be with me at the Made in Thornbury Market this Saturday. Hope to see ya there!

Saturday, August 29, 2009



and Maya! (Sold)

Formerly known as body parts hanging on a clothesline....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Creative Space

My creative space today is all about the dolls, well, bits of dolls at least!
I like to hang all the pieces up so I can easily see where I'm up to. Having little people around when you are creating means you often have to drop what you are doing and come back to it. This is one of my coping strategies!

What are yours?

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Little shop of...

From Camberwell Market on the weekend I also got this lovely wee owl brooch. It's made from plywood and I love it 'cause it reminds me of the owl from Meg & Mog. I loved those books as a kid and I'm still loving them as an adult reading them to my kids.

It's made by the very talented Bec Albinson, and she has opened a real life shop in Melbourne at 8 Woorayl St Carnegie called Little Shop of Handmade. It's filled with treasures from lots of different melbourne designers. Or you can see her stuff online here. Beautiful little things at very reasonable prices!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The latest addition to the family...

I've been busy little bee... sewing and crafting like mad to get ready for the Made in Thornbury Market. Not mention looking after kidlets and generally trying to enjoy life.
I often feel frustrated at how limited my time is these days... there are so many things I want to do and often I want to post about about the millions of ideas I have and the projects I'm working on but it's usually more important to actually work on the projects than blog about them! I wish I had more time to post more often... I really do. Perhaps this week I will make more of an effort!

Anyhoo, the past weekend was devoted doll making... and though I had the entire day Saturday and grand plans of making 5 dolls, I finished up with one complete doll.

Her name is Madeline (SOLD). You can see more about her here if you like.

I also slipped in a visit to Camberwell market on Sunday. I acquired this gorgeous vintage fabric child's nursery rhyme book which I'm going to make into either little bags or t-shirts. I LOVE Camberwell!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My new bike...

Oh how I have longed and pined and wished for a beautiful vintage bike for what seems like eons. I have been following this gorgeous Californian vintage bike blog, Riding Pretty and it certainly did nothing to diminish this desperate longing. I harped on endlessly about how I didn't have a bike... I needed a bike!

So a while back Adam found this one...

in a clients back yard and was going to restore it for me. Months later however I looked around at the many and varied unfinished or yet to be begun restoration projects and came to the sad conclusion that it would probably never happen.

So took the matter into my own hands and consulted the great purchasing oracle that is Ebay. There I found my beautiful new bike at an absolute bargain price... here she is...

I'm so in love. She is from The Indian Bicycle Shop in St Kilda and was only ridden a handful of times by her previous owner. She is so comfortable and cruisy.... a total state of mind, just like my car, the Volkwagen Caravelle Van (the modern woman's Kombi)!

I would love to get her some of these gorgeous panniers from London's CycleChic, but I will have to put a kiddie seat on the back for wee Charlie. So I will stick with a standard wicker front basket.

All that's left then is to give her a name and bring on spring baby wee are off and cruisin' in the sunshine.... yeeeha!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Market Review- Thread Den Market

Well what a fabulous day I had at the Thread Den Market on Sunday!
It was so lovely to be among fellow crafters who really appreciated my candy store button collection. I was so busy all day and lucky enough to chat with lots interesting creative people. Thank you to everyone who supported me and stopped in for a chat!
Special thanks to my best customer, the lovely Grace who was totally smitten with my rainbow pretties and even came to check out my collection at home! I hope you find room for them all at your place Grace!
The market was full of wonderful handmade goodness- loads of stuff I hadn't seen anywhere before which was awesome. I was so inspired by the depth of creativity! I really wanted to take some photos of other peoples goodies to post here, but I was so busy I did not get the chance.
It was an all round success so hopefully there will be another market before Christmas. It's definitely worth coming along, or booking a stall yourself.
So I had a very successful day, loads of fun and even made a new friend... all in all a perfect day!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm a winner, really I am!

I was one of the lucky winners of Amy over at Badskirt's 500th post competition and I received my fabulous little package of lovely fabric scraps in the post today. Lucky me! Thank you Amy. I'm about to start on a whole bunch of new dolls so I think I shall use some of the fabrics in those and some to make Charlie a hat for summer. I can finally use the pattern I got from the Stitches and Craft Show.

I also got these cute 70's snap cards from the op-shop today. They are just crying out for a cute little craft project. I just love the little bird card. I also got some fabulous blue suede shoes and cute polka dot frock perfect for summer bike riding and wine sipping. Top it off with a lovely lunch with friends and kidlets and it was a fantastic day. Hope yours was too!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My creative space....

I'm busy busy getting ready for the Thread Den Market day on Sunday. Sorting through tubes of buttons and packing them in suitcases. It's an uphill battle I tell you. As fast as I can put them in, my little helper pulls them out! I also have to be really strong and not keep pulling tubes out myself that I want to keep. I mean seriously, how many buttons can one woman have? They need to go on to bigger and better things, a plethora of amazing craft projects..... but they are just so amazing, it's very hard to resist.

Anyway, I'm taking four big suitcases jam packed with buttons and I'm selling them at the special bargain market day price of $8- a tube or .50c a button, whichever works out cheaper. Some tubes have a hundred buttons in them! So if you are interested, come along, or if you know someone else who would be excited by this pass it on :)

I will also have a full collection of trims, random vintage haberdashery and heaps of vintage womens & kids patterns all at very special prices.

There's gonna be over 50 stalls! I'm very excited!

My Creative Space is hosted by kootoyoo- pop over there to see more inspiring creative spaces :)