Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Creative Space

My creative space is on the move. I have had to give up my beautiful studio so that wee Charlie can have her own room- Adam's snoring keeps waking her up. Though it will be nice to have more sleep and be able to read in bed, I'm quite sad- I have had to re-house a whole studio full of stuff in random parts of the house. So now my creative space exists mostly in the bedroom, partly in the hallway and wee bit in the laundry.
I also can't do any crafting until it's all sorted out...which is tough!
So my machines are having a well earned rest on my bed :)

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  1. You know...I found I was much more organised before I had my own space. Now I just chuck stuff in there & slam the door. It's just a big storage facility.

  2. Hee hee. You may just find that EVERY room in the house becomes the craft room. That's what has happened here. Occasionally I spot one of my bubs or my husband, buried under a pile of fabric...

  3. I know the feeling but Kirsty makes a good point. I'd end up using a studio as a storage facility too if I had one.

    But if you take the cup half full approach, you could say that you now have to be creative about planning a creative space?? Is this pushing it?

  4. I like it. The problem is I have already been using my studio as a storage space... now I have to find somewhere to put it all! The shed is already half full of polyfill that I scored cheap in bulk- literally half full! I've already taken over part of the neighbours shed with the buttons.... now its invading my sleeping area!
    I really must stop hoarding!!!

  5. A beautiful space. Your bed is beautiful with the patchwork


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