Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space today is an absolute mess. Well that's what you get when you try to get things done with 1year old in your studio... I can try and blame the mess on her can't I? Okay, the truth is that I'm actually really messy. There I admit it. I actually do my best work in amongst complete chaos. And I hate cleaning. God I hate it with a passion! You have to do so much cleaning with kids that when I finally do get some time to myself in my studio, it's the absolute last thing I want to do. I wanna get straight to the fun parts! So I do. It's my space after all :)

Wee Charlie had her first dance class today- it was super super cute and as the teacher promised she would, she slept like a log for 2 hours and 10 minutes! Which allowed me to almost complete this doll for the Market this weekend. Which makes me very happy. It's also raining, which is great. I like today.

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  1. I love someone else who admits they're messy!

    I am messy but I work better once it is a bit sorted out - I"m just now good at that bit.

  2. "straight to the fun" ... I'm all for that. I'm trying to keep the space a bit tidier in the new place. At the moment it's working but I'm guessing it's just a matter of time.

  3. I am messy, messy, messy too. I just feel like cleaning my creative space is wasting valuable creating time. That dolly is going to be gorgeous. I love her stripey socks and her piggy tails.

  4. I'm a messy girl too. I never really tidy up my creative space while I'm working, the threads and offcuts are all over the floor. Your little birdie brooch is so sweet. I've had a look through your blog and see you have moved recently to the country. What a great move! Are you in Daylesford? See you again xo


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